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Can't wait for Mojang's creative masterpiece? Hopefully the wait will soon be over!

This week we see the first two episodes of The Walking Dead Season 2 hit the EU Store, as well as space combat sim...

Delayed space combat project finally sees Vita release.

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We take a look at the genres and titles that we're longing to play on this glorious handheld. There's no doubt that the Vita is...

After taking some time to prepare their baby for this year's Game Developers Conference (GDC), David Thomson and Ludometrics are back to shine some light...

Lounge Play

Hey Vitabros, welcome to the latest edition of Lounge Play. Lounge Play is a meeting of PlayStation Vita gamers for some multiplayer, with some of the TVL...

The Vita Cast

Hey everyone how's your week going? Well hopefully really good and filled with lots of gaming. Kyle and I are back with another episode...

PS Mobile

Attempting to blend both beauty and brawn, Mononoke Slashdown infuses a hand-drawn art style with action reminiscent of the most fundamental of brawlers. By...


A now-removed video from Bandai Namco said exactly that. Excited? Update - Kyle found the video.