Who is Notch? The online handle of Minecraft developer and Mojang founder Marcus Persson, Sony sent a Vita and some games, and a copy of Dungeon Hunter 2 after he expressed interest into the owner of the IP, and from SCEA’s relations man Adam Boyes a hand scrawlled note expressing admiration for him and a desire to work on something together. Notch himself was impressed by the gesture, as I’m sure many would be.

Microsoft currently have Minecraft exclusivity, but as with most things, this could be just timed, and would be a great addition to the Vita collection – it is the fastest selling XBLA title, selling more than 2 million in a matter of weeks. Personally, I wasn’t sold on the idea or look of Minecraft until I played it on the 360, and was completely absorbed by it. It sucks you in and hours from your life! There are Android and iOS versions available but they are not so good.

But with Scrolls and 0x10c in development, perhaps these could find their way in the short term? Please?


Source: Now Gamer

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