This will be the best driving game on Vita this year.Considering that there is a lot to choose from already, this is a serious statement to suggest, but thank fully it is coming from the mouth of Criterion Games’ Alex Ward in an interview with IGN at Gamescom.

He goes on to say “Everything from (what we) the ‘TV game’ is here on the small screen.”

“This is pretty much the PS3 version of the game shoehorned onto Vita very tightly,” he continues. “This is a very technically ambitious thing to do – there aren’t any open-world games on Vita so far. To keep the world the same, to not make any compromises – that’s what we’ve done.”

“These cars are the best cars ever to appear in a Need for Speed game,” he enthuses, “and they’re the same here as they are on PS3 and 360. To get them onto Vita like this is ******* insane.”

Criterion were behind probably my favourite vehicle game, Burnout Paradise, and also were responsible for the very well received Need for speed: Hot Pursuit, which took advantage of some great opportunites in free roaming, so for it to be present and correct in the Vita version is great news indeed.

IGN report that multiplayer is also present and as you would expect, and also makes full use of the Autolog, but there will be no cross play with the PS3.

We will try to get you more information on the Vita version when we can, but this alone has increased my anticipation for this.

Source – IGN

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