Time for a new strategy? Or too early to panic?Hot off the press today, via Joystiq we are worryingly told that Sony have sold 2.2 million PlayStation Vitas worldwide as of June 30th.

In comparison, the 3DS had shifted around 3.6 million units in the same time period, and then subsequently had the first of many price cuts. A month later they had comfortably doubled the user base and a year on have sold an estimated 19 million worldwide.

Which will be about 16 million units since they dropped the price.

Now Sony have stated that we will not see a price cut this year; instead focusing on cost effective bundles featuring many of the upcoming Autumnal releases which they hope will entice people to the Vita, and have showcased some excellent upcoming titles at Gamescom to show that the Vita has some excellent software available, whilst at the same time suggesting that a price drop may happen in 2013.

Will that be enough though? I think so. With the excellent selection of titles on the way, and many eticing bundles to come, not to mention the sheer marketing force of  Call of Duty in particular, I think that come January we will be talking far more positively.