With a little bit more information revealed this time than at Gamescom, the PlayStation Plus service hits the Vita at some point in November, and those that already have one with their PS3 will find themselves automatically getting access to the Vita service for no extra charge as it seems to be one all encompassing service.

But giving Vita only owners a reason to have it, they will find themselves with automatic syncing trophies, their system automatically updating itself, 1GB cloud stprage for game saves and DLC in addition to an as yet unknown selection of games like there are on the PS3 service, as well as discounts on games and DLC.

As soon as we have a date, we will tell you, and fill you in on the games that will be in the instant games collection.

What do you make of this news? PS+ currently costs £39.99 for the whole year and is available quarterly too.

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