Our verdict, special outfits and working for Tarsier Studios!

If you hadn’t heard, arguably the biggest release for the Vita so far is out in the form of Little Big Planet PS Vita, and Sony has released a special launch trailer to coincide with it.

If that still hasn’t grabbed you, then maybe our review might?

The next bit of news relates to launch costumes, and those of you that are quick will be able to get the launch suit shown below for free, but hurry before they remove it!

Our final piece of news in the round up relates to a competition for Tarsier Studios, on of the games developers.

Tarsier are offering a one month internship to the individual that makes the best mini game in their competition, which can be found here.

You will have until the 10th October to get to grips with the mini game creation kit, and the lucky winner will be flown to Sweden to work with the team at Tarsier Studios to help turn their masterpiece into a finalised piece of DLC to be released!

Good luck if you decide to enter! Perhaps you could give me some tips!