I suppose he is.

Two in seven months. A bit like Like Torres.

This is the second FIFA title this year, and I felt that the first, FIFA FOOTBALL played a decent game of footy, but should have been better. It was missing a lot of key features from the console versions, such as Ultimate Team and Pro clubs. Since we now have a numbered version, which has a whole host of new features to enjoy, we should have a better version now, right?

I’ll kick this off by letting you know the bad news. If you have come along expecting a closer version to the console edition, as you would perhaps feel a sense of expectation (since this version is numbered, and not simply called “FOOTBALL”) then you will find yourself out of luck. There are no skill moves to be found, nor the impact engine V2, and the complete dribbling and advanced AI portions seem to have taken a wander too.

Is this why Hugo Lloris isn’t in the first team?

What you do have though, a few refinements here and there aside is a nigh on identical copy to the previous game. So it’s like an impact engine 0.5 version of FIFA 11, with 2013-2014 rosters and kits. Upon further investigation, the team select screen is slightly different, and when choosing your teams the box at the bottom changes colour in line with the teams main colour. The menu screens react far quicker than before and scrolling through formations no longer feels as much of a chore. This does however give you more time to look at your team in more detail, and highlights crazy errors, such as many players all being two years younger than they really are, at least in the kick off mode. Thankfully this seems to not happen in career mode.

Coloured names and Saudi teams. New features!

But when you scroll through the options, perhaps looking for the CPU skill customisations seen in FIFA 12 or indeed the tactical defending then you are out of luck. There is nothing new to see here folks. The game modes and online options all remain the same as they were in FIFA FOOTBALL, giving you Kick Off, Create a Tournament, Career Mode and Online.

The title screen and introduction are different, owing no doubt to EA Sports’ new marquee signing, Lionel Messi but any sense of anything else being different very soon begins to evaporate.

I suppose he is.

That being said, it isn’t always a bad thing and the game still plays a very good game of football, even if it is a couple of generations behind. As introduced in the first Vita version, touch screen controls for passing and shooting are still present and just as useful/annoying (delete on your preference) as they were before. The AI does appear to be a little more evolved in that it makes a few better plays and moves, and the pace equiped players certainly do feel like they move a lot better. The burst of pace is definately there, especially with players like Ronaldo or Walcott.

You’re sad? I’ll swap lives.

Career mode is nigh on the same, although the calendar does seem to move faster through the days, but there is no transfer window deadline day feature and you still cannot scout for players, and the international manager feature touted for 13 doesn’t make an appearance. Quelle suprise.

Also missing from the console version are Ultimate Team, Pro Clubs and all the Create a Club options, Head to Head Seasons online and simple things that could easily be achievable on the Vita, like replay saving. Pretty much anything that 13 was said to offer isn’t here. Except for the Saudi Arabian teams. Well more teams is good right?

But all of this doesn’t detract from the fact that it does present a decent representation of the beautiful game, the biggest criticism is that it is too similar to the game that came six months ago. Now, if you didn’t buy the original then quite simply buy this. It’s a cut down version of the consloe experience but is still fun and is a perfect fit for the Vita. But if you did buy it, it probably doesn’t represent enough of an upgrade to be honest, especially at full price.


  • Still plays a good game of Football
  • Career mode runs much quicker


  • Pretty much just kits and squads updated
  • Missing many features from console version
  • Why call it 13 when it clearly isn’t?


[gameinfo title=”Game Info” game_name=”FIFA 13″ developers=”EA Canada” publishers=”EA Sports” platforms=”PlayStation Vita” genres=”Sports” release_date=”28th September 2012″]

Memory Card required

This review was completed using a retail copy of Fifa 13 provided by EA.

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Paul founded The Vita Lounge and is the Executive Editor, but still likes to get involved with the odd piece of news or a review. 35 years young and gaming since 1990, he has a preference for Action/RPG games, Shooters, Racing Games (despite ironically not being able to drive!) and quite partial to a game of FIFA.
  • Jasper Bekema

    Nice review!

    I’ll get a box art for my BB review.

  • Erroneus

    Thanks for the review, it seems spot on. I’m not gonna pick this one up, before I can get it really cheap, as I have the “old” Fifa Football game and when the difference isn’t big enough, EA don’t deserve full price.

    I hope EA wake up and make a proper Fifa 14 Vita game, I have my fears though.

    • Thanks for reading it!

      I understand that some cutbacks were probably needed, and whilst I’d be disappointed if Ultimate Team didn’t make the cut next year, if we got a more up to date engine I’m sure that there would be a bigger amount of acclaim.

      FIFA 13 Vita is being derided for the most part, and it it’s a shame, as it is a good, if somewhat outdated game.

      The best thing that can happen to FIFA on the Vita is Konami bringing PES.

      • Erroneus

        Personally I’m not the biggest fan of FUT and I don’t expect the Vita version of Fifa being at the same size with all the same features, that’s understandable.

        I agree want really is missing is the modern engine, it gives a much more realistic and interesting gameplay, because the results of tackles, shots are more “random”.

        I haven’t played Fifa 13 Vita, so I can’t really judge it, but I doubt it’s worth the 0 as many users are giving it on Metacritic, your score seems just about right 🙂

        But I do like the attention the low user score gives to this problem and hopefully EA want make the same mistake next year.

        • The low scores are being countered the other way as well with individuals going over the top with 10s.

          My main issue with it not having the same features as the console version revolve around them charging the same price as the consolve edition as the Vita one.

          It’s a good game still, as was FIFA FOOTBALL. Both scored the same for being the same.

          Did you play the first?

          for all the flak this game is getting in all quarters, this will probably still be the game I play the most between this version and 14. But over to EA…

          • Erroneus

            I played the first and love it, so was looking forward to Fifa 13 for Vita. But the high price, specially because I also bought Fifa 13 for PS3 (didn’t play Fifa 12) means I’m gonna wait.

            I wish EA would do crossbuy, but the chances of that happening aint big.

            I’m properly gonna pick it up when it gets under 20£ or maybe less if I can find it used.

            Quick question, do you know if it uses any form of online pass?

        • J. Bekema

          It does not use a network pass.

          • Erroneus

            Oh thats some good news, guess I have to keep my eyes on this in the used market.