Just throw a police car at them.

At the recent Eurogamer Expo I got to spend some time playing with the upcoming “When Vikings Attack”. Set in modern times, you have to defend yourselves from an angry horde of Vikings who have arrived to the party over a thousand years too late.

I got the chance to play on two levels, one set in a typically rural English village and another across a zoo, and the action was pretty much the same.

You control a group of individuals and you simply have to wipe out the invaders, and to do this you simple pick up anything of use from the surrounding area. In the village this can be anything from benches, postboxes or even cars and motorcycles, aiming them at the repeated waves of Vikings that want to do all kinds of Vikingy things to you. They can also do the same to you, so you have to continually move around and you can “steal” an object as it is thrown your way and throw it back. Once you have wiped out enough of the thieving warriors, you are cleared to progress to the next stage.

As the stages go on, the items available become more whacky, such as penguins in the zoo stage and also features bombs and similar explosive devices to obliterate your foes.

What is especially great about this title is that you can play 2-4 player co-op across the stages or have a 2-4 player Battle, but this also extends across to the PS3 with Cross Play, which I was also able to experience, and really plays nicely, and I didn’t enounter any lag across the systems. The game also features Cross Save, in which your progress in the PS3 version can be ported to the PS Vita.

How much long term depth the game has remains to be seen when it releases on PSN later this year, or whether there will be a Cross Buy deal in place, but as soon as we know we will let you know.

In the meanwhile, enjoy this trailer from earlier this year and these screenshots.

  • Jasper Bekema

    What did you think of it? Was it fun, what annoyed you?

    • It was great fun, but I can see it not being a long term game. Short blasts and what have you.

      But the power of multiplayer could give it lonegivity.