Great news for those waiting for this!

Most PlayStation Vita multi-platform titles or ports of console franchises have been outsourced (as in, they were not developed by the main team) because the Vita’s low sales numbers do not warrant high revenue and hiring an external team to do the job has proved cheaper.

However, Criterion recently confirmed they have an in-house team working on NFS: Most Wanted for the Vita. They also confirmed that there will be inter-connectivity between PS3 and Vita versions of the game and the Vita version will come with bonus events:

“Well, we’re super excited about the Vita; as you said, we’re doing it in house and it’s a direct port of the game, so everything is still the same, the visuals, the open-world, the events, so we’re really excited about it coming out,” says Loombe. “Obviously we’ve got a dedicated team in house that are dealing with the Vita version but it’s all the same codebase, so it’s really easy for us to just port that across. There’s 10 extra events for the Vita as well.”

Your progress can be shared across the Vita and PS3 versions too.

“Yes, Vita is all run by Speed Points as well,” says Loombe, “So when you’re playing on the PS3 and you’re getting Speed Points for that, you can then go onto the Vita version.”

Source: IGN