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Lack of information and reviews to blame?

There aren’t many reviews of FIFA 13 out there for the Vita, we have reviewed it and you can find our thoughts here, but a scout around forums and Metacritic will show a rather large user backlash against this years offering. By contrast, Little Big Planet PS Vita has gained almost perfect scores everywhere, and to not be biased in this article, our review for that is here.

Is this one of the reasons for LBP staying top of the charts? FIFA FOOTBALL has had the top spot in the charts almost exclusively to itself  since release, and props up the top five, whilst Uncharted and Rayman make up the rest.

What do you make of FIFA 13? Are you holding off buying it for any reason? Did you buy Little Big Planet? What do you think of that? What else are you buying and playing? Let us know in the comments.



  • Jasper Bekema

    LBP being a great game and being a sequel to two popular games are probably more important factors. But still, the lack of reviews will probably be to blame.

    I’d much rather have FIFA and yearly sports games completely disappear from the charts, though. 😛

    • The yearly release games do tend to keep the system in peoples hands though. If there was no FIFA 14 on the Vita, those that buy the system next year may not…

      Even the PSP is getting yearly FIFA games.