And some screens. And a little hands on.

So, are you getting excited yet? This portable experience of the Assasin’s Creed story, set in the earlier years in America will very soon be here. In the meantime, why don’t you have a look at this developer diary that Ubisoft have posted?

Did you enjoy that? It had a good deal of footage shown. I was also lucky enough to get a little play with the title at the recent Eurogamer Expo. There were only two missions available, one set in a river, in a canoe (much like a similar mission in Uncharted) and the second level was set in a town, in which you had to infiltrate some Barracks.

I didn’t play for long enough to be able to provide detailed feedback, I can tell you that it was a very beautiful looking game and is visually on a par with Uncharted at the very least.

I have also attached some concept art and a screen below for you to enjoy. What do you think?