So says the name of this developer diary.

I’m really starting to get a taste for Lego games. I can’t quite determine whether it’s because I loved Lego as a child, whether I still have an affinity for it because of my Son’s enjoyment of Lego or whether it’s because despite being almost 34 I am very immature. I’d wager a bit of all three, I’m sure Mrs M would say it’s just the latter.

Traveller’s Tales have done a stellar job with all of the Lego titles over the years, working with Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter and Batman and now turn their attentions to J R R Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings, which is due out in November.

I have two hopes for the Vita adaptation, firstly that all three films get a decent conversion into the shortened Lego missions, and secondly that we don’t get the DS/3DS style cut scenes ported over. They don’t transfer well over to the 5 Inch OLED screen.

Whilst we wait to find out, why don’t you enjoy this developer diary, the third and final one, and look at the twelve screens we have at the bottom for you to get you in the mood. Well, you could always watch the three movies I suppose, but this would be quicker.