Nihilistic confirms patch 1.2 is on its way via their Twitter account .

The patch will contain the following updates:

  • The Mule (shotgun) will be adjusted. It will most probably be made less powerful, seeing as it is the dominant weapon in R:BS’  online multi-player mode.
  • Your online stats will be reported to
  • Connection issues in multi-player mode will be fixed.
  • Southpaw mode (a control scheme designed for left-handed players) will be added.
  • Finally, you’ll be able to launch the game directly from the Party application.

This patch does not address the most problematic issues critics have with the game (uninspiring and few maps, bad sound effects) but since those are integral to the game design, these issues will most likely never be addressed by Sony and Nihilistic.

How do the Resistance players out there feel about this patch? Will it cause you to play the game more?