Out now in North America, later this month in the EU.

I suppose one way of looking at Retro City Rampage would be that it is a virtual interactive museum to the eighties and nineties, with a light sprinkling of modern day thrown in. It’s a homage to gaming and started its life quite a way back (2002 in fact) and has evolved into this, ultimately a top down open world action adventure game in the GTA veign but also has little tastes from other things such as Road Rage among others, all designed within with an 8-bit visual style.

The game features quite a few missions (over 60) and challenges (40) along with many weapons and vehicles, and is littered with a great deal of humour and parody. From what I have seen there is a nod to almost everything in gaming history, with a nice touch of being able to customise your visual experience more to the console you may have played this on, including a nice “portable brick monochrome” effect.

The game will be with us later this month, but is already out in North America for $14.99. It is also a Cross Buy title meaning both PS3 and Vita copies come for the same price, and also takes advantage of Cross Save.

I hope to bring you an exact date and price closer to the time, as well as a review . But in the mean time, why don’t you get to grips with this launch trailer and selection of images?


    This to me feels like one of those games you can’t wait to play due to nostalgia but untimely find it disappointing or it gets old quick due to the fact I’m used to games now that look like Uncharted.

    I know GFX aren’t everything but it’s hard to go back. That’s way I could never understand why a lot of people insist on backwards compatibility, I suppose its convenient but I know when PS4 come out for example I’ll more than likely never play a PS3 game again.

    • I hear you. I never got around to laying FF7 in my younger days and finally played it when the PSOne update came. The story is pretty good but it hasn’t aged well.

      This is slightly different, as it’s more a homage. The amount of detail in the scenery is something else.

      I haven’t played it myself yet as it isn’t out, but I have seen the review video by the developer and you can tell the amount of effort that has gone into this and the passion he has for it.

      I hope it is good and that it sells well, but that price point may be a worry.

  • chowyunfatt

    Yeah £9.99 seams expensive? not that £9.99 is a lot of money but this type of game seams more suited to a £4.99 or £5.99 price range. That would be a impulse buy for a lot of people and I think they’ll make more money like that.

    I think a lot of games would do better if they were priced according to content and who popular it’s likely to be. Spy hunter should be no more than £15.99 from what I’ve seen, that’s about half what it will cost but at that price they would sell more than double anyway IMO. Sorry to sway of OT a bit 🙂

    • £9.99/$14.99 isn’t ultimately a great deal of money, but it is the difference between a must have impulse buy, and one that people will do some research on.

      You can see from some of the reactions that people that are put off or unappreciative of the visual style are of the “opinion” that ‘the game looks shit and isn’t worth the money’ without even playing it or knowing much about it.

      vBlank Entertainment have spent the best part of ten years on this from what I understand and obviously put a lot of love and craft into it, but may see a better take up if it were a few pounds/dollars lighter.

      At least there is/will be a demo.

      • J. Bekema

        I’m not too fond of the visual style (I think it would’ve fared better in 16-bit style) but it’s still going on my wishlist because the game-play looks so much fun.

  • chowyunfatt

    Cool, I’ll try the demo, at least it’s cross buy so that adds more value.