Cross save and Cross buy potential?

Rainbow Moon, a “tactical role playing game” originally hit the PlayStation 3 in July and is currently being developed by Sidequest Studios, the team behind the PS3 original.

There is an article on the PlayStation Blog with Marcus Pukropski about the Vita version, where he is asked a few questions on the matter, but in the comments he explains that discussions are ongoing between their publisher, Eastasiasoft and Sony with regards to a discount at the very least for PS3 owners, the prospect of cross save and that the price can be expected to be in line with the PS3 version.

I’ve not had the chance to play this yet, most likely through my lack of a PS3, but hopefully I’ll be able to bring you some news on this as more comes in.

Role playing games are something that we need a few more of on the Vita, and with Soul Sacrifice and Ragnarok Odyssey also incoming by next year hopefully we will start to see a few more publishers jumping in.

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