Sony have announced that starting tomorrow all PS Vita owners will be able to download and enjoy PlayStation All-Stars multi player beta.

Whats more of a bonus is that PS3 PlayStation Plus members will also be able to join in the fun with a little cross play action from the 17th October, the beta will also open up to everybody on the PSN from the 24th October.

The beta features Kratos, Sweet Tooth, Colonel Radec, Sly Cooper, Fat Princess and PaRapper. I recently got a hands on with the private beta for the PS Vita version and I can tell you now it’s a 100% carbon copy of the PS3 version, if a little smaller. It plays very smooth online against other Vita owners or via cross play with the PS3, the only slight complaint I had, if you can call it one is that the action was a little hard to follow on the smaller screen.

It does feature tight controls, fast action and some very outlandish multi player action all the same.

Check out the PlayStation Blog for the full lowdown and fire up your Vita from tomorrow to see for yourself.