Have you been patiently waiting on the Vita version of Street Fighter x Tekken? It’s been a while since the release of the consoles versions and the wait is almost over, at New York Comic Con this week Capcom shared a few details and released some more video trailers showcasing the added features the PS Vita version has over it’s big brother counterparts.

Was the wait worth it?

well we’ll have to wait until we get our hands on it closer to release be be sure but judging by the info provided it certainly looks like it. Maybe Capcom should of named it Street Fighter Cross Tekken as there’s plenty of ‘Cross’ play options.

Highlighted Vita features –
Cross Play (Vita vs PS3 online)
Cross Goods (DLC downloads compatible between Vita and PS3)
Cross Controller (Play the PS3 version with the Vita)
Phew that’s a lot of crosses!

Sadly no cross buy option although the cross buy does work via DLC so if you own both versions you’ll only need to buy your DLC once.

Worth mentioning is the casual style employed on the Vita version when you only use the touch screen for moves and specials, if you like that kind of thing? Also the game supports sharing costumes and replays via the Near application, should be good to see who can make the first ‘Shadow Ken’ in your neighborhood. The game features Gems, a 55 player count that also unlocks extra characters on the PS3 version if you own that. Alternate costumes, rear touch pad and touch screen are all present as too are extra modes specific to the vita version which include a online ranked  mode where your able to collect trophies of your fallen victims bodies (Cool).

New gallery modes, Augmented reality, if you’ve ever fancied putting Armour King next to your friends in a real world setting. The game is currently scheduled for a October 26th release date and judging by the latest pictures and video’s looks set to carry on the tradition of other Capcom fighters on the Vita in looking and playing fantastic.

Be sure to check back as we’ll have a full review around release time.

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