Update – working for all now.

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Seems PSAS Beta is PS+ after all.

As reported on the PS Blog, there are a few Vita goodies released this week.

But the main thing that everyone wanted was the PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale Cross-play Beta. It hit the store yesterday evening, not Tuesday as we had originally been told, but also is actually limited to those with PlayStation Plus. Whether they will fix this or if it will change next week, like for those on the PS3 well will have to see. Gavin Russell took to the Blog last night to explain:

Hi All,

My sincere and most humble apologies – I’ve been busy making sure the full game is ready for you all. I’ve looked into this have an update for you.

PS3 Plus subscribers –

The Beta can be found by following these instructions.

Please download the new store content.

Once in the new store scroll down to Games >> Scroll down to PS Plus >> Scroll down to Exclusives >> On the top row you’ll see PS3 and Vita downloads.

Vita owners – it seems your access has been limited to PS Plus subscribers only. the code is accessible via the Latest tab.
This is something I hope to be able to address for you tomorrow by 1PM BST.

As for the miscommunication in the post – again we can only apologise to you all for the confusion and hope that this hasn’t sullied your view our game.

I’ll get back to you all tomorrow with an update. Thanks for your patience.


We will update this as and when we have more information.

Have you had a chance to play it yet? It’s actually quite a lot of fun.



  • Lee

    Sure as hell isn’t the case for me. I’m not a PS+ member, but the Public Beta has been working perfectly fine.

    Of course, I was one of the lucky few who also got a pass to the original CrossPlay beta about a month or so ago, so maybe that has something to do with my ease of access.

    • Hi Lee, thanks for the comment! Sony have stated that it should be working now, but it may have been an EU issue. what region are you from?

  • Lee

    No problem.

    Oh, that’s right; I totally forgot that this was a EU-based site. I’m actually from the US, so that was more likely the reason why.

    False alarm, then. Heh.

    • Yeah, I need to work on country icons I think so I can best cover all regions as a one region focused site would alientate many people. 😛