And about 98% of the PS3 content.

In a post on the PlayStation Blog, the community manager for Criterion Games, Jeremy Chubb came and told us a little of what to expect from Most Wanted.

Visit the blog for more detailed information, but the four main things he said you need to know are:

It’s about causing trouble:
“You get to drive amazing cars like a maniac through a big open city, get in massive chases with the cops and ditch them in style. The whole game’s pretty much designed so you’ll want to break the law. Restricted area? Bust into it. Speed camera? Rip past it. Jump? Hit it. Parked car? Steal it. Cops? Not an issue.”

I don’t know about you, but this rather sounds like Burnout Paradise with added Need for Speed cop chases and proper cars.

The world is always connected:
“In Hot Pursuit, we introduced Autolog. We started tracking everything you did and comparing it with your friends in leaderboards called Speedwalls. Autolog turned your newest and most hotly contested events into play recommendations and notified you and your friends to reheat the competition.

This time, Autolog lets you leave your mark across your friends’ games. It displays record speeds, pursuits and jump distances throughout the city. Cruise past any speed camera, Jack Spot or jump to view its Speedwall, and then take a run up, hit the gas and see if you can top it. Hit the biggest air off any billboard jump, and we’ll display your face on the billboard. Your friends will need to beat you to get rid of it.

Everything you do earns you Speed Points and eventually increases your Speed Level. Earn more Speed Points than your friends to become the Most Wanted.”

Another thing that sounds like it was imported from Paradise. That’s not a bad thing at all. The community aspect of Paradise had us entertained for many an evening.

You can drive pretty much every car from the start:
“This is hard to get your head around, but bear with us. Grinding through hours of gameplay to get the cars you really want to drive doesn’t actually make sense, when you think about it.

So, most of the cars in Most Wanted are just parked up in hundreds of Jack Spots throughout the city. If you find one, you can just switch to it. Obviously, there are still great unlocks waiting to reward the most skilled and dedicated players, but if you want to drive a 918 Spyder, Evo X, RS500, V12 Vantage and many, many more, you’ve just got to get out there and find them.

Each car has a series of events, designed to showcase its unique qualities. Master each car in your own time, and you’ll earn Speed Points and rank up. Score enough and you’ll earn the right to take on 10 of the hottest cars in the game – the Most Wanted Racers. Beat them all one-on-one to become Fairhaven’s Most Wanted. Swing the odds in your favor by modifying your car with such pursuit-busting delights as: Reinforced Chassis, Reinflating Tires, Impact Protection, Powershot Nitrous or Track Tires.”

Few exceptions, such as the Most Wanted drivers which need to be shut down, again another borrowed feature, the rest are dotted around Fairhaven. You still have to find them though.

Our multiplayer is way more than racing:
“It wouldn’t be Need for Speed without killer racing, so that’s the heart of our online, but we also wanted to mix it up a bit. It’s still tight, competitive and fast, but there are some twists.

Every Race starts with a Meet Up. Race there, jostle for position, watch for the start and boot it. Time your move right for a headstart. Get it wrong, and you’re a sitting duck. In Speed Tests, you get 90 seconds to set a high score. Hit the longest jump or drift, be fastest through a Speed Trap or set the fastest time between checkpoints. In Challenges you do stuff like hit 5,000 yards of drift, accumulate 2,000 yards of jump distance, access a rooftop or jump over each other. Anything goes!”

He went on to talk about the Vita version specifically, stating:
“PS Vita represents a huge step for us.  We managed to crowbar the entire PlayStation 3 game onto the system. Almost all the races and events, the online play (albeit with four players rather than eight) and the massive open world is right there in the Vita version, plus a few more that are exclusive to the system.

That’s pretty cool on its own, but everything you do on your PS Vita copy earns you Speed Points, inching you closer to that top spot on your friends Most Wanted list.”

He stayed around to speak a little in the comments on the Blog, where when asked about the amount of traffic he said:
“There’s less traffic in the Vita version.

And you won’t mind a bit. Seriously, what you have is pretty mind-blowing. A full blown, state-of-the-art open world online game that you can play on the bus.”

When asked about new screens and footage, he replied:
“We’ll show some soon. It looks amazing, and it’s the whole Autolog-powered connected game world, all the events, collectibles, cars, 4-player online. The works. You’ll love it.”

And when he was put on the spot for stating that the entire PS3 game was put on the Vita, then stating almost every event, his answer was:
“I had to write “almost” because a few of the longer races aren’t there. It’s like 98% of the races and events from the PlayStation 3.

By way of recompense, you get some exclusive events just for PSVita.”

There are a few more on the Blog, you should visit and take a look.

But what do you make of it? with two weeks to go, should we have seen more than amateur footage by now? Are you really excited still, or will you be buying the console version instead?

It also seems that any hope of cross play or cross buy has evaporated. Will this put you off buying the Vita version?

Or are you like myself, and simply aching for what will probably be the closest thing to Burnout Paradise on the Vita, but with added Police chasing and awesome Autolog-ness? The next 13 days can’t go soon enough, if you ask me.

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  • Allen (Mr.AlsVita)

    Saw some game play. Looks really cool and fun. Pre-ordered this one. 🙂

  • John

    Because the Vita is a PoS and it sucks. When will the few retarded developers that still make games for it learn that! GTFO of business $ony!

    • It’s a pretty narrow minded point of view, Mr fake email.

      You will see that we do not entertain Nintendo bashing here, as fanboyism isn’t big or clever. The 3DS is performing so much better than the Vita, and the DS out performed the PSP. Some of the support that the 3DS has gathered from developers Sony could benefit from, and Sony could learn from the amount of focus Nintendo have put on marketing it.

      But I would question why you need to troll a dedicated Vita site though. Do you have nothing better to do? Are you a 3DS owner? Nintendo fan? Xbox player? PC enthusiast? Or a serious mobile gamer?

  • Ivan

    ahahaha, what you told that guy ‘serious mobile gamer’…you killed me man.

    With this news I’m having high hopes now, ridge racer and asphalt injection were pretty much ridiculous bllshit games beeing PS vita launch titles.

    I had my doubts but looks very promising though.

  • Vincent Deseers

    The Vita version has Vita exclusive events which is not available on the PS3 version

    • Indeed, it is mentioned. But the PS3 and 360 also have events that the Vita doesn’t.