A look at the story and the chameleon effect of Aveline de Grandpré.

CVG recently updated with a new trailer for Assasin’s Creed 3: Libertation featuring elements from the story and explaining how Aveline came to be an assasin.

That’s not all! Along the way, Aveline will need to blend in to effectively disguise herself in order to best utilise her skills, and the PlayStation Blog revealed a few different looks for her.

To become an effective assasin, Aveline will need to blend into her surroundings and has three differing looks in order to help her achieve this. Through changing booths scattered towns she can change into a different guise to benefit your situation.

The first look is that of the Slave, and dressed as a commoner of the lower peasant class, Aveline can blend seamlessly with slaves, indentured servants and other workers. As such, she can quickly fade into the background by simply picking up a crate… nothing to see here, just another porter, toting a merchant’s goods. Aveline can also call on her fellow workers for aid and incite them to cause public disturbances on her behalf. There are some drawbacks to this persona, however, as Aveline must eschew her traditional tools of the trade. She’ll be vulnerable if her ruse is discovered!

The next look is that of the Lady, as some places are only open to the highest echelons of society. In order to access these locations, Aveline will need to adopt the aristocratic Lady persona. Dressing in gilded garb befitting the wealthiest and most influential members of high society enables Aveline to charm or even bribe certain individuals, opening up new opportunities for assassination. Sadly, you can’t stash many armaments in a bustle, so Aveline’s weaponry options are extremely limited in her Lady persona. Of course, certain accessories can be modified for lethal effect… poison dart-shooting umbrella, anyone?

The obvious final look is that of the Assasin, the persona which is designed for combat, agility and durability — as such, you’ll spend most of your time in this lethal, nimble guise that boasts many similarities to the Altair and Ezio’s traditional assassin uniform. Though Aveline has access to a much wider variety of weapons and tools in this persona, the Assassin persona has a tendency to stick out like a sore thumb in most social situations. Consequently, guards will naturally become more alert in the presence of the leather-clad Aveline… just think of how relaxed you might feel around someone with a huge machete strapped to her belt!

With just over a week until Assasin’s Creed 3 Liberation will be here, are you excited? Will you also be getting the PS3 version, which will unlock exclusive items in this? Or will you just be focusing on one the console versions? Do let us know!

  • Jasper Bekema

    This game is looking great, just what the Vita needs. I’m looking forward to (reviewing?) it!