And available all year for a spooky reminder.

Fresh from last week’s free Battalion DLC, Ripstone today announced that there will be a new spooky Halloween pack added to both the US and EU PlayStation stores for Pure Chess. The pack will cost £1.59/$2.49/€1.99.

That’s not all, for a limited time if you have not already donwloaded Pure Chess, then for the next two weeks starting this week you will get the DLC for free with the purchase of the game. What better time to get stuck into it then?

We have added a few screens for you to enjoy below.

  • Ivan

    Wow, I love the fact they still giving support to this game.

    Been playing by mail a lot lately.
    So the free DLC is only for people buying it now or also for the ones that already own it?

    • I asked for a review code, but at £4.99 I guess I should stop being so cheap. Perhaps we could play 😛

      • Ivan

        Don’t be so cheap man, the game really worth your money.
        Though you get what it is, PURE CHESS and nothing more (and no MP, you play by mail)

        • I guess we could do this over mail then 😉 Unless it’s postal mail lol.

  • You know I used to love playing chess when I was about 20, now I can’t even remember how to play, I wouldn’t know where to start?

    Does this game have tutorials?

    • Old people forget things 😛

      Yes, the game has tutorials.

  • Jasper Bekema

    I like chess, but I don’t play it very often. Doubt I’d do it on the Vita, so I’m still passing on this game.

    • I used to play it as a lad with my Dad and have often thought about getting a chess set, but that would probably cost as much as this. I think I’ll get it today.

      Or tomorrow actually, so I get the free chess set. 😛

      • Jasper Bekema


        Since you’re getting it, I’m thinking about it, too. Then maybe we could play some time.

        I’ll think about it 😉