Challenging bosses are so much fun with four players.

So that probably rules out a collectors edition then.

Ahead of Ragnarok Odyssey’s release next week, we had a brief chat with Gung Ho about the European release.

They told us that they are working hard to get the game released for “Winter” and that they will give us a concrete date as soon as they have one, but it will only be getting a digital release.

The limited edition in the US comes with a soundtrack CD from the game, a packet of “monster cards” which contains 10 of the 50 trading cards from the game and also a “Mercenary Guide” containing artwork and tips for you in game.

Is digital only an issue for you? How much will this affect your decision to buy it?

Additionally, as I have been surfing the internet about Ragnarok I have noticed a few of you having queries about universal Co-op play, and Gung Ho told us that everyone “should” be able to play together, since the servers are all hosted in Japan for all regions.

I suppose we will know for sure next week when the game hits the US. Anyone getting it? I’ll be getting it myself next week, but in the meantime, let us know your thoughts in the comments, or maybe if you want to know more, check out our review by Vardas.


  • I’ll get the boxed US release then, I heard rumors a few weeks ago about DD only. I prefer boxed games as the price is usually better and I can play on two vita’s with different accounts. Saves buying two DD copy’s for me and my Son.

  • Vardas

    everyone “should” be able to play together, since the servers are all hosted in Japan for all regions.<—– This puzzles me, very very much. I have never encountered a Japanese person or a Japanese room when I go online with my Hong Kong version. Do they mean everyone except Hong Kong???

    • *shrugs*

      I suppose we will know for sure next week. But they said that all servers were in Japan. I can ask them your query if you want.

  • Vardas

    I’d appreciate it if you could. Cos’ if we really can play all together then that’d be awesome, it means I don’t have to sell this version and buy an EU one. And I also won’t lose my progress

  • Dusean Foster

    I don’t want anyone missing out on the game, so I hope EU is glad they get it too.

    • Hi Dusean! we will be, I hope enough people buy it to justify the release. Same with Persona 4.

  • mat

    Shame they said winter bad feeling it could be another 4 months . to import or not to import that is the question but can get it from videogamesplus

    • I’ve been looking at VG+ too, love that site.

      I’m on the fence, I have too many games to really be able to enjoy this NOW, it may make sense to wait. And would support the EU localisation too.

  • mat

    very true, i have assassins creed on the way and looking forward to NFS too (love the review) Will wait for this one i think 🙂

  • JB

    Im Importing – digital only doesnt work for me.
    prices on the vita memory cards + resell value for retail is more important to me.

  • CUD

    Well poop. I guess I may import it then, I hope there’s no future DLC that I will miss out on.

    Don’t know how I didn’t hear of this sooner, I guess I should start coming to this site more often. 😉

    • You don’t like digital? You’re a PC gamer for gods sake!

      And yes, yes you should. 😉

      • CUD

        PC is the exception. I’ve always preferred owning physical copies of games where possible, I don’t have a problem buying digital only titles. Plus there’s also the limited memory card space.

        PC I had to make the exception, I mean Steam is just too good to pass up. Admittedly it was a little hard at first but I have been a proud Steam gamer for a while now. 🙂

  • Gung Ho just told me that we will be getting a demo of it in the EU, but still no date. 🙂