With a little under a month to go before it’s US debut Atlus have released a new trailer today, sadly still no definite plans on the EU release or if it will be a Digital download only?

The Vita version of Persona 4 Golden features updated graphics, 1.5 times the voice dialogue and a new online dungeon rescue feature that makes calling out for help online when your about to die that bit easier.

As quoted from Atlus US

With an overall Metacritic score of 90 and a multitude of “Editor’s Choice” and “Best Of” awards, Persona 4 stands as one of the finest games ever made, delivering many dozens of hours of enthralling storytelling, immensely satisfying combat, intricate party management, and addicting demon collection and customization. Its brilliantly realized story–which features a memorable cast of personalities with whom the player can forge and strengthen pivotal bonds called “social links”–combined with the game’s breathtaking visual and aural design, are part of an overall package that is on almost every genre fan’s list of all-time favorites.

Check out he trailer link below, are you interested in this game? let us know.