Infinitely better than the Gamescom trailer.

As we approach next week’s release of Black Ops Declassified on the Vita, you may be as surprised as we are that there is no new footage or screens. We perhaps not as much as us, since this is seemingly becoming the norm for Vita titles.

That hasn’t stopped Youtube user jyouri007 from uploading this little video. What is clear is that the gameplay appears quite smooth, and certainly has a Call of Duty vibe about it. Whether this actually translates into how it really is or not will be known in just over a weeks time.

After watching it, what are you thoughts? Are you filled with a little more confidence in it? Is it too little to be able to tell?

We brought you a few details recently about Declassified, will this be enough for you?

You can count on us to bring you a review next week.

  • CUD

    The last CoD I played was 4(MW) and I remember that same map from that game, I wonder how many more assets and maps are reused from games released years ago.

    With the presumably large budget that they have they have no excuse for such laziness. It’s one of the reasons I dislike the CoD series, it’s much more about the money and appealing to the masses than it is quality gaming.

    • I get the feeling that this didn’t get assigned that big a budget somehow.

      It’s being heavily overshadowed by its big brother. This is definately an afterthought.

  • Looks pretty good, will have to see what people think.

  • Looks like they just ported stuff from Black Ops and other games and cut the maps in size. Could turn out okay, but I’m still not having high hopes.

  • Galvatron

    My only reservation with Declassified is that Nihilistic didn’t set the world alight with Resistance: Burning Skies, another franchise Sony were reliant on putting Vita on the elite portable FPS map.

    I’ve never been a COF fan however I certainly look forward to a FPS on the Vita, and if Nihilistic sign-off on Vita a la Studio Liverpool did with it’s best-ever iteration of Wipeout 2048, then next week I’ll enjoy another quality portable release.

    • I haven’t played the full game of Burning Skies, but I have played the demo. But having never played a previous resistance title I haven’t got a comparison to make, and I thought it was OK. Nothing special, but not rubbish. Just meh I suppose.

      This difference here is that Nihilistic know that they are moving on ahead of the title’s release, Studio Liverpool kept going until six months later…

      Still eternal optimism and all that. There is no doubt this will be the best FPS on the Vita, but I suppose it’s through default and not necessarily a good thing.

      We will see in a week, but the limited footage we have seen is markedly better than Gamescom.

  • diabloNL

    The thing I noticed in the previous footage is that the cars looks exactly the same as the ones in Burning Skies. Nevertheless, will probably pick this one up. Can’t help it, my wallet is making me do it. Aahhh…that little voice..”Do it, do it!

  • MarcoM

    Looking better indeed 🙂

  • WhyWhyWhy

    Why are there so few FPS games with player shadowing? It makes games feel more real…it’s the first thing that I notice when I watch a video…I hate it when developers leave it out.

  • Avioto

    Looking forward to the review, I hope it won’t get compared too much with the console version of black ops, like other gaming websites did with AC Liberation.

    Still can’t decide if I am looking forward to this game though, the lack of official trailers/screens is a bad sign.

    • MarcoM

      EA/Criterion did release close to nothing for Most Wanted for the Vita. It turned out to be a gem.

      Not saying the CODD will be similar, but it did step up from the Gamescom footage.

    • If you check out some of our reviews you can see we base the games solely on how they are on the Vita and don’t judge them based on there console counterparts like some others do.

      We feel this is the best way to review games on the PS Vita, it’s OK to compare as a interesting side line but no game should every be judged or knocked down side by side with other platforms that are not handhels.

      • Avioto

        Sounds great 🙂