A slow week for new PS Vita releases, makes a change as of late. This weeks only release on the EU and US store is the fantastic When Vikings Attack from Clever Beans, I’ve personally reviewed this and awarded it a cracking 4/5, another classic game for your collection..

Don’t forget to check your local PSN store or retail outlet, prices and availability vary dependent on region.

When Vikings Attack £7.99 – $9.99 (RRP) / 7th November

Easy on the wallet for a change, unless you fancy picking up one of the numerous PS One classics or the odd PSP game.

  • Galvatron

    Hmm, I have to say that right now Vita owners like myself are absolutely loving both Most Wanted and Liberation; both games arrived nigh-on simultaneously and alternating between the 2, with the occasional downtime to watch Prometheus via a decent pair of headphones, is bliss.

    A feature in the Vita Lounge addressing the main complaint of Sony’s portable – that it lacks decent games – is I think a worthwhile exercise. Given the system is constantly hammered it’s worth revisiting it’s software library 12 months after release.

    Gravity Rush. Liberation. Most Wanted. Wipeout 2048, Metal Gear Solid 3. Uncharted. FIFA. Sound Shapes. LBP. PSOne Classics. And Velocity 🙂

    The Vita is fighting back. Let’s document it’s renaissance, as lord knows those literary-wannabe buffoons at the likes of IGN who score Liberation a
    6.5/10 sure as hell won’t…..

    • Already being written. 😉 Will be out alongside CODBOD’s review, depending on when I get that.

  • Galvatron

    Cool, I look forward to that review. If Declassified doesn’t deliver a similarly high-calibre FPS on Vita – and I’m with you, I believe the recent gameplay trailer looked A LOT better than E3 – then Guerilla’s in-house Killzone surely will 🙂

    Also Paul, for the life of me I cannot find ANY recent news on Sine Mora, which is still supposed to be out on PSN this year. I’m buying this as a given as a modern, big-budget Velocity alternative. Are you guys able to get any info on this highly promising title?