This week the PlayStation store introduces some great discounts on racing games,

the Vita also happens to have a couple on sale so they might be worth checking out. Especially considering the retail release schedule is a bit slow this week.


Again please check your region PSN store for prices and availability as they will differ.
Also you can check out our reviews of some of these games by clicking on the links.

Here is the list of the games on sale,

Modnation Racers: Road Trip £5.99

F1 2011 £15.99

MotorStorm RC £3.19

Asphalt Injection £9.99

Ridge Racer and the Ultimate Edition £7.99 / £9.99

Ben 10 Galatic Racing £13.99

There is also some DLC on sale but be warned these discounts will only last a week or two so grab them wile you can.

Here is the full list for all the discounted games for the PS Vita and the Playstation 3, as listed on the EU PlayStation Blog

  • baronfin

    Get the F1 now, it’s suprisingly good racing game, way better than metacritic score.

    “not as good than ps3 version”
    “best portable F1 racing ever!”

    makes different, ain’t it?

  • good iedae,l like