New footage from Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified!

Some lucky Vita owners have got their hands early on the Vita’s first Call of Duty title, and they have been posting footage for you to enjoy! Even though this videos are user made and do not provide you with stunning, full-screen and high quality videos, it is quite noticeable that the game has made quite a bit of progress since the Gamescom trailer.

Here’s game-play from the single-player portion of the game. I am glad the guns sound substantially different from Nihilistic’s latest outing on the Vita, Resistance: Burning Skies, and more like the traditional Call of Duty guns. According to multiple different tweets from Nihilistic’s twitter account, many aspects of the game have been reworked and visuals, sound and controls should be more akin to classic Call of Duty than to Resistance: Burning Skies.

Here’s a video analyzing a snippet of gameplay released a few days earlier. The UI is a little bit different and more simplified than console Call of Duties (probably to fit on the smaller screen and to not put too much strain on the eyes) and touch screen  icons for flash-bangs, grenades and knife have also been added.

The following video contains full-screen footage, albeit without sound, showing off  the new ‘hostiles’ mode in the game. The first thing I noticed is that the Magnum recoil animation is extremely similar to other CoD games, most notably  Modern Warfare 2. The enemies in these first waves of game-play should not pose a very big challenge and one can see that there are no ragdoll animations present in the game.


New footage just surfaced as I was typing the article below. The uploader talks a bit about hostiles mode. In the comments he notes that the game looks and plays notably better than Resistance: Burning Skies and that it plays just like console Call of Duties. One thing that I do explicitly notice, is that there is no music while playing to strengthen the ambiance, one of the common complaints with Resistance for the Vita.

The following footage shows the first part of the campaign, containing classic CoD events such as c4 breaching. Notice the lack of music.

Are you pleased with how the game looks?



YouTube user stricktmachine1 has uploaded even more videos!

The following video details the multi-player menus and the guns available in CoDBOD’s online multiplayer. The user interface looks simple and clean, and he provides the viewer with a detailed look at all the guns and their leveling.

The next video shows a multiplayer match. The uploader notes in the comments that the connection with the server felt very solid.

The next  video shows you class customization, also present in other Call of Duties:

This upload shows the opening cinematic and some minutes of footage from the first mission of the game.

Thanks to stricktmachine1 for uploading these videos ahead of the game’s release.

  • Galvatron

    Yes, I am.

    Whilst the earlier demo’s were clearly uninspiring and reminiscent (unfairly?) of Nihilistic’s previous Vita conversion, Burning Skies, these welcome videos are an altogether more assured experience.

    Thankfully, and with irony considering their development of both titles, this game seems to have a very different DNA to Resistance; whilst you’ve already stated the sounds of bullets is meatier, it seems to flow the chaos of COD quite well with noticably sharper textures and a more capable engine.

    I’m looking forward to the review and potentially a third full-blown Vita title to cement the hat-trick of Most Wanted and Liberation.

    PS – An interesting question arises from Nihilistic’s conversion of both titles; should Declassified deliver what is suggested here, then were they simply working to a flawed brief with Resistance anyhow? Even on PS3 the series never reached the heights of a Crysis, Halo (it’s initial remit – fail) or add-as-appropriate. Flat level design, poor enemy AI, and plenty of variety but no real oomph in the guns.

    On that basis, the conversion was quite accurate 🙂

    • Good to hear. Paul is doing the review, so stay tuned for that.

      The game seems overall a bit more polished than Resistance. However, we must not forget that the title still only has a few maps, no killcams and low player counts in online multiplayer. There is also no Search & Destroy.

      One thing that annoyed me a little bit was the constant clattering of the bullet shells after you had shot a few rounds.

  • More footage available! If you want even more, check out !

  • very good news,your are good boy!