Spontaneous epilepsy! 

Big Sky Infinity, a twin-stick space side-scrolling space shooter (an expansion on the 2011 shmup Really Big Sky, which was developed by Boss Baddie and only released on PC) co-developed by Boss Baddie  and VooFoo studios (known for developing Hustle Kings and Pure Chess for Vita), is coming to PS3 and PS Vita ‘soon’ according to a teaser trailer taken from the YouTube page of publisher Ripstone.


The official site for the game states that the game will feature randomly generated gameplay that adapts based on your performance – the better you play, the more frantic the gameplay becomes. You’ll be able to gather power-ups that allow your ship to drill through planets. The game boosts 12 different gameplay modes

The following excerpt, taken from VooFoo Studios’ website, provides some more details about the game:

Full Game Features

  • Randomly generated fast and frantic gameplay, never the same game twice
  • Dynamically alterable enemies, bosses and events
  • Unique flying & drilling gameplay mechanic
  • Extensive upgrade system to enhance your ship and weaponry
  • Cloud Saving (Cross-platform compatibility)

The game will be available free of charge for a limited time to PlayStation Plus members in the European region.