Declassified Q and A right here.

YouTube user stricktmachine1 has been able to get his hands on the upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified early, and has uploaded a number of videos containing gameplay with his phone. We asked him a few questions.

  • Have you played any previous Call of Duty games?
“Yes, I’ve played them all- my favourite of the series would have to be Modern Warfare 2, which was the first game I actually lined up for.”
  • Have you played Resistance: Burning Skies?
“Yes, I’ve played Resistance: Burning Skies. In my opinion, Nihilistic did a much better job with Black Ops Declassified.”
  • How does the size of the maps compare to the size of the maps in console iterations of Call of Duty?
“The maps in the Vita version are definitely smaller- almost cut in half, but you don’t actually notice it while playing, since the game only allows 4 versus 4 head to head in online multiplayer. The smaller maps actually keep the action going, in my opinion.”
  •  Did you feel that the maps were well-designed and fun to play? Did you feel they were better than Resistance: Burning Skies?
“I liked the maps, (at the time these questions were answered) I’ve intensively played two of them so far, Range and Shattered. I liked them much more than Resistance maps. Better graphics and well designed.”
  • Did you finish the single player campaign yet? How long does one mission take to complete?
“I have 2 more missions to complete in the campaign. The missions vary so far in length. There is one mission in which you must save hostages, and its timed, so that it is a quicker mission than say, a later mission where you can take your time and pick off every enemy. Right now I’m only playing on normal difficulty, which makes for an easier experience, and thus, quicker game. Hardened and Veteran difficulties would make it longer indeed.”
  • How do the sound design (footsteps, background music in singleplayer, gun sounds) and visuals compare to Resistance: Burning Skies? And how do they compare to console Call of Duty releases?
“No background music so far. Maybe its coming in a future patch, but it doesn’t bother me really. The bullet shells hitting the ground sound really good and make for a great experience when using headphones. Gun sounds are better too.  The visuals I think got a much needed upgrade from Resistance, as well as the demo trailer that was shown at one of the game events (the ONLY trailer that we have seen so far). That was why I decided to make some videos to show people what this game truly looked like. It’s a shame that besides my footage, there is only a few more videos to give us Vita owners a taste of what to expect.”

  • Does the limited player count (4 vs 4 instead of the regular console Call of Duty standard) make the game less fun to play, or does it feel very good?
“4 vs 4 is perfect for handheld. I played a few games and am pleasantly surprised at how fun this is.”
  • Are there many connection issues, bugs, lag, or glitches?
“No issues so far, except for in the Hostiles mode – I found myself having to chase the last few enemies who were on the other side of the map, and who wouldn’t come to my location.  Again, this could be patched.”
  • Are there any other points you would like to mention that I haven’t asked you about, and you noticed while playing the game?

“I just want to say that I’m happy I purchased this. It’s CoD on the road for me. I travel a lot, so this fills the void when I’m not able to be on my console. I think Nihilistic did a great job, and with a few patches (background music, hostiles enemy AI improvement (as mentioned above) its going to be a great game. Here’s hoping they provide customer support and listen to us Vita users!

Here’s some footage showing off the crossbow:


Be sure to check out stricktmachine1’s channel for more Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified footage.

  • Galvatron

    Great Q&A, Jasper.

    I’m looking forward to Paul’s review, but as a pre-cursor this is an interesting – and credibly independent – preview of a FPS which had been derided early on.

    Considering the technical achievement of Assassin’s Creed: Liberation or Criterion’s Most Wanted on Vita, it would be cool to see similarly immersive worlds a la GTA4, Metal Gear Solid 4, Hitman, developed in-house and raise the sales of the platform.

    That aside, as a FPS fan this could be a good option for itchy trigger fingers 🙂

    • I myself am not an FPS fan (that is, the standard multi-player focused FPS’ of which there were so much this generation) and I’m still quite skeptical about the game but it is looking better than I expected.

      And I agree. I think the Vita can manage, but I think Sony needs to pour more development monies and effort in it for it to happen. Apparently Rockstar is developing something for the Vita, so that should be good.

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  • MarcoM

    I think I will buy it tomorrow on PSN. It appears that Nihilistic have listened.

    Wait, Rockstar is doing what? I heard the rumors before. But did Rockstar admit it?

    • Apparently a Rockstar guy tweeted something about a game being in development for the Vita a while ago, but there hasn’t been an official confirmation.

      • It was Jim Reily from game Informer. Not a Rockstar announcement.