Your Vita just got a whole lot better.

Coming Monday, November 19th 2012, update 2.00 adds some significant upgrades to the PS Vita’s operating system.

Detailed on the US PS Blog in a short video the update brings some cool new features to your PlayStation Vita. First up is the ability to send and receive emails, up to five email accounts can be added including one’s like Gmail and Yahoo mail.

You’ll also be able to receive email notifications through the notification icon on the Vita’s home screen. This feature is long over due and is a fantastic addition.

Your now able to set custom controls to the touch screen like R3 and L3 mapped to the rear touch pad for example. Other additions include the ability to connect to your PC via Wi-Fi for easy file transfers and backups.

A new updated web browser with HTML5 support and a better java scrip engine, also included is the ability to tweet straight from the browser. The browser also makes better use of the GPU with a updated rendering engine, this should make browsing a smoother experience.

The Video app has also had a make over with support for 1080p video, your now able to transfer your rented or bought high definition files over to the Vita, the Vita was only able to download standard definition video files from the PS Store before, if you purchased a movies in Hi-Def on your PS3 for example you were unable to watch them on your Vita, that has now been resolved. It’s also possible to play your own 1080p video files as long as they match the Vita’s video codec and container specifications. Closed captioning will also be added.

I’m sure Sony will also roll out a few more tweaks and additions to the Firmware not currently listed.

I think you’ll agree this is a fantastic update, with the added features of PlayStation Plus for Vita this should make using Sony’s portable all the more enjoyable.



  • Awesome!

  • ico

    It’s on top of the plus announcement is great news. Plus for vita was always going to be a tricky one given its limited back catalogue ( only in terms of how new the system is, don’t worry I’ve seen your post about ‘lack’ of vita games and totally agree!) so there was always a good chance early adopters would have most games.

    Even though I have bought / played several of the announced plus games I still think its a damn good selection and say well done Sony. Hopefully it will encourage some more sales of the product (plus and vita).

    The downside is now I’m scared to buy any newish games for fear they’ll be on plus very soon. Not a bad position to be in I think you’ll agree 🙂

    • I agree it was always going to be tricky, but I’m pleased that they didn’t cop out and go for PSP titles. It’s a great selection, and now I can try Tales from Space. If I can put Black Ops Declassified down.

      • ico

        Mutant blobs is great. Picked it up a while ago. Great physics and control schemes. Keep thinking the concept lends itself really well to dlc but no sign of it. Still not gutted I already bought it as can sell it on and enjoy the digital version for free under plus. Oh wait a minute…. Enjoy.

        • Yeah, I agree, I awarded it a 5/5 in the review. Paul should definitely try it, as well as Rayman Origins 😉
          Much better than Call of ‘Doody’ (I kid, I kid).

  • Teflon02

    One feature I noticed that they never mentioned is they had a folder option in the video app, which may mean you can also edit file names and info (please)