Rolling out in the US and check in Europe too as mine is now updated!

I was pleasantly surprised to see that upon booting up my Vita this morning it prompted me to update the firmware to the newest version. I wasn’t expecting to see this until tomorrow!

Matt brought you the news last week but a news piece that is pretty cool comes from the mouth of Shuhei Yoshida, or rather his fingers via his Twitter.

Pretty handy, and less annoying for everyone. There’s no sign of the PS+ currently, which should be coming later today in the US and tomorrow in the EU, as I’m sure that’ll be linked to the store update.

Now if you excuse me, I’ve got an email account to configure.

Source – CVG, Twitter

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    Just in case you wanted to look at the full list of features. 🙂

  • Vittorio


    Web browser now freezes and I have to push the ‘on’ button for 15 seconds. Also, browser seems strangely over-reactive, identifying as ‘clicks’ when I just put the finger on the screen to move the page or zoom in/out. It seems to have problems with certain pages like interfacelift, which kept loading again and again after finishing loading. I cut it out when it was loading for the fourth time.

    This is just after 1 hour of playing around with the browser, the part they said was most improved. Not so much, gotta say…

    If anyone wonders ‘where’, this is from sunny Spain.

  • Marco Maas

    Well at least you have sun in Spain.

    I really like the improved browser. Email was setup also very fast and easy. Works like a charm.

    Game, email and browser at the same time. Sony is getting there!

  • Galvatron

    Indeed Sony are certainly getting up to speed!

    I’ve gotta say that as much as I love this latest update, I use my IPhone for all email and browsing. Of course, that sounds churlish and ill certainly use these new features on my 3G Vita like you all, but what I would really like to see add is the ability to keep the movies app on in tandem with games.

    I regularly download movies direct to the Vita and enjoy downtime between games with an hour or so of Prometheus or Dark Knight via a decent pair of in-ear headphones. Being able to switch at will between demanding games and my video collection would be awesome 🙂