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So, you either took our advice and gave Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified a chance or you ignored the reviews from others sites and saw that they don’t really want to talk about it anymore and have gone looking for somewhere that does, either way we have a lesson on the different perks for your multiplayer classes. We will also explain a little bit about kill streak bonuses too so you can decide what is right for you to set up with.

There are twelve perks in total, spread over three tiers meaning that you pick three, but which ones should you go for and what’s the difference between them all?

Tier 1
Sleight of Hand is first up here, and if you are the sort that likes to run and gun, then this is well worth considering as it speeds up the time between reloading. it’s especially useful on weapons that have low ammo and slow reload speeds such as Shotguns and Light Machine Guns. It’s especially useful considering the close quarters nature of Declassified. If you are after moving a bit quicker, then perhaps Lightweight is for you. By making yourself lighter you move around the battlefield quicker. If you are looking to enter your kill streaks early, then Hardline (rank 13) may be of interest, as it reduces the number of kills required by one. This effectively means that you can have a Spy Plane at two kills, which means you could constantly have eyes in the sky pin-pointing the enemies location. Last up in this first tier you have Jammer (rank 26) which will make you undetectable to Spy Planes, Sentry Guns and Attack Helicopters. Particularly helpful in staying alive, I think you will find.

Tier 2

Those name tags are a bit of a giveaway when tearing around, so Cold Blooded, which makes your name disappear from view when targetted. Fast Hands ensures that you cycle through weapons quicker when pressing the triangle. Are Counter-Spy Planes an issue for you? I would imagine that having the map removed from view could make life a little difficult in so Hardwired (rank 14) may be the one that you want as it would ensure that your map stayed in place. The final tier two perk is Toughness (rank 30) which reduces the amount of flinching when you take damage, which makes you have greater accuracy when under fire.

Tier 3

And so for your final choices you have Dead Silence up first, which means that you move quietly. It’s basically Ninja. Sometimes the matches can descend into a frag grenade-fest, so with this in mind you might want to consider Flak Jacket which reduces the damage taken by explosives. There is no scavenger perk in Declassified but the closest thing is probably Surplus (rank 17) which will grant you extra magazines and grenades. The final perk to unlock and use is Marksman (rank 35) which ensures that targets can be identified at a longer distance, ideal for snipers.

So, putting these together in a combination¬† that works for you depends on your play style as the perks benefit different set ups. If you want to be as invisible as possible, like a stealthy assasin, you’d probably go for Jammer, Cold Blooded and Dead Silence as you would only be visible to someone directly looking at you. Likewise if you wanted just just run around, not really being subtle then perhaps Lightweight, Toughness and Flak Jacket are for you.

Moving on, you’ve probably noticed that you can link many kills together in a row. The game rewards you for this by giving you a different tool to help you on the battlefield and you can choose three to have in play.

Three consecutive kills will earn you a Spy Plane which ensures that all players will show up on the mini map with their location unless they have Jammer as a perk. Four kills will get you a Care Package which when it is opened will have a randon kill streak bonus in it. If you want to temporarily distort the enemies field of vision then Counter-Spy Plane (rank 23) is for you, which is also 4 kills. Dod you want to bring some death from above? The Mortar strike (rank 32) can be yours for just five kills and will bring in a precision volley of death. A Sentry Gun (rank 12) is useable from seven kills in a row which will target players as they run past and fill them with lead. Unless they have Jammer. An Advanced Spy Plane (rank 39) can be yours for hitting eight kills, which shows not only your foes on the map, but also the direction they are facing. If that’s handy for you. Or you can go for the final one, the big gun of an Attack Helicopter which for ten kills will call in reinforcements with a chopper in the sky, and anyone silly enough to be out in the open will get slaughtered unless they have cold blood.

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