Small update to the Vita firmware coming.

The PS Vita’s latest firmware update (no. 2.00), which comprised large improvements such as HD video support in the video application and extra features such PlayStation Plus and an e-mail application, has only just been released but Sony stated on their Japanese website that they are already preparing another firmware update. A minor bug in firmware version 2.00 has caused the cloud save functionality (a feature of the PS Plus service, which allows the user to upload their save data to Sony servers) to not work properly.

Using Google Translate the following English text shows Sony’s intent to fix the issue as soon as possible and for all regions:

Regarding PlayStation ® Vita now, out of, that ability to make the save data to connect to the Internet automatically does not work properly “(online storage) keep saved data” is a service for our subscribers PlayStation ® Plus has been confirmed.  Regarding the Company, we are preparing to update the system software as soon as possible to improve this condition.  It is possible to continue, you will save the save data manually from the menu Content Management noted. Available to everyone. We’re sorry for any inconvenience, but very much, thank you.”

Have you experienced any problems with the cloud save function?

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    Let’s take a moment to think about where we would be without patches and firmware updates! Can’t get things right first time so it’s always good to see companies righting wrongs as soon as they can.

    • Personally, I have been having crashes since I updated to 2.00. Luckily restoring thesystem worked, but since I have heard that others had the same issues, I was expecting Sony to address them. I am happy I solved it though, andI am overall pleased with Sony’s Vita firmware updates. Very useful and often quite quick.