You’ll be rally glad to know it’s free.

As touted prior to launch, pQube have come good on their promise for free DLC for WRC3 by announcing that today that three new rallies are available, the Rally Guanajuato Mexico, Rally Argentina and Rally de Portugal.

They told us you can experience:

“The Rally Guanajuato Mexico through it’s dirt roads and amazing landscapes for a dynamic and sportive drive style like never before.

The Rally Argentina with its jumps and the lunar landscape of the high altitude El Condor stage.

The Rally de Portugal and it’s perfect mixture of open roads and technical and narrow sections, characterised by different kinds of surfaces.”

Free DLC is always good, but what do you make of this? Matt reviewed WRC3 and you can find his thoughts here.

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  • MarcoM

    Milestone did a great job. And the stuttering in the chase view is gone !!!

  • assassin2k

    Any new trophies?

  • I’ll check out the new tracks and also check out the stuttering to see if it has indeed gone like MarcoM said. Not that I don’t believe you 🙂

    May add these to the review as well.

  • teras

    I wonder if the DLC is available in the UK PS store or in another region. Which store do you guys access?
    I am accessing the EU/Greek store but the DLC is not there.
    I have asked in the playstation blog and the staff there din’t seem to know anything about it. I have also emailed Milestone but they never responded.

    • I’ll send pQube an email and see if they respond for you. I’m guessing it doesn’t show up in game?

  • teras

    Thanks for the lightning response Paul 🙂
    No, it doesn’t show up in-game. It is not listed anywhere in the PS store either. There is no patch notification in the vita loading screen. What baffles me is that the staff at the EU/UK playstation blog don’t know anything about it. As far as I know this game has not been released in the US at all. I also checked the Italian PS store (Milestone is based in Italy I think) and the DLC is not there either.
    Thanks for the help 🙂

    • No worries, I’ll send the email first thing in the morning, and I let you know if I hear anything back. 🙂

  • teras

    I send an email to pQube as well and this the reply that I got.

    I said:

    I have the retail version of WRC 3 for the playstation vita. I have read that there is a free tracks DLC available for the game since the 28th of November.
    However this DLC is not available in the EU/Greek region of the playstation store. I live in Greece and normally, as far as I know, the store that I am accessing is the same as the UK’s playstation store (meaning that we access the same content).

    I have asked about this in the official playstation blog for Europe but the staff there claim that they don’t know anything.
    Where is this DLC released? Is it available in the UK? Will it be available for Greece through the PSN?
    I have also emailed Milestone without a response.”

    The reply:

    “Thanks for the email.

    We only have rights to sell this product in the UK, therefore, you will need to contact your local retailer / distributor / PSN.

    We are not aware of the DLC you mentioned. The only DLC we are aware of, was the 1964 championship winning mini cooper. This was a pre-order incentive DLC only.”

    So pQube either don’t know anything about it or mistook my query for the PS3 version of WRC 3.
    I don’t understand. It’s like I’m deranged and look for something that does not exist. What country’s PS store are you guys accessing? It is not in the UK store (or anywhere in Europe apparently). Where is this ghost DLC available?

    • It is on the UK store lol.

      It is true that pQube are just the UK publisher, i should have remembered that. I think Europewide is Black Bean games. I’ll see if I can find something for you to speak to.

  • teras

    So, it is in the UK store but the guys at the playstation blog who handle the store updates for Europe including the UK, responded to me that they don’t know of its existence.
    Well done Sony :p

  • teras

    I’m not crazy after all.
    IT EXISTS! :p

    I didn’t doubt you Paul :p
    I find it very weird that no one in the ps blog bothered to tell me that it’s available in the UK store and the staff knew nothing about it.

  • teras

    Well, nothing so far.
    I have asked everywhere but nothing.
    Only one kind moderator at my regional playstation forum had the decency to ask the store team about it but they haven’t responded to him either.

    This is exactly the way to lose face with your customers (Sony). Ignore them.

    Anyway, thanks for trying to find something out Paul.

  • teras


    I sent another email to Milestone’s customer support and finally they replied.

    At first they directed me to the UK PS store saying that the DLC is available for all and after I sent them a link to my regional PS store through the new web interface showing that it is not available for other countries, they replied with this:

    “We are aware that in some countries the DLC is not available, including Greece. We are fixing the issue so you can find the extra rally DLC soon on PSN.”

    I thought I should update just in case someone else is interested in this 🙂