Boob physics on your OLED screen… or a nice fighter you might enjoy.

Team Ninja lead designer Yosuke Hayashi has announced that a port of the 3D fighter Dead or Alive 5, called Dead or Alive 5 Plus, will be arriving on the PlayStation Vita early next year. Not much information was supplied, but the title of the game suggests that it will feature extra content.

The Vita already has a strong library of fighting games (UMvC3, Mortal Kombat, SF X Tekken, BlazBlue: CSEX) and with this new addition to this list, the PS Vita must surely be a purchase worthy considering for a gamer with a passion for fighting games in combination with portability.

The announcement:

  • teras

    Great news.
    I love the series and DOA Dimensions is the only game I miss from my 3DS days.