Some much needed changes.

Daniel “Clockw0rk” Maniago has stated on the SuperBot Tumblr blog that a patch will  be issued early next week to address a couple of issues with the game. The patch contains the following:

  • A new item, Medusa’s Gaze, has been added to the game
  • View Invites has been added to the Party Bar Menu
  • Voice chat icon added to loading screens
  • AI logic enhancements
  • Network performance improvements
    • Issue where players were stuck with a different character than the one picked has been addressed
    • Issue with matchmaking in regards to player skill has been addressed
    • Overall improvements to network connectivity
  • Sackboy changes
    • Level 1 Super – Increase cost from 100 to 150 AP
    • Level 2 Super – Increase cost from 325 to 400 AP
    • Level 3 Super – Increase cost from 600 to 750 AP
    • Jam Session (Neutral Triangle) – Reduced AP generation from 25 down to 10 AP
    • Cakeinator (Neutral Circle) – Reduced AP generation from 25 down to 20 AP
  • I’ve only just started playing this, I’m guessing Sackboy is a bit OP?

    • Yes, he is. Kratos and Radec are just cheap characters, they can be countered, but Sackboy gains AP much too fast and his level 3 is really powerful.