Will these have you raiden the store?

It seems like only last week that we got PlayStation Plus over to the Vita. Oh, it was only last week. Still, that hasn’t stopped Sony from announcing what goodies are coming to those that have an active plus subscription.

The highlight is that those of us in the EU will be getting Mortal Kombat on the 19th of December, but before that we have Big Sky Infinity coming on the 12th December and Knytt Underground rounds it off on the 23rd, along with some to be confirmed discounts. We have not yet heard about what those of you in the US will be getting yet, and will bring you the news when we know it.

Sony will also be removing some games from the instant game collection, Chronovolt leaving on the 19th and Tales from Space disappearing on the 23rd. The other games will remain for now.

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  • ico

    Funny that. Saw the tag line mention raiden and was sure the mgs collection was going to be free and got a little miffed as I bought it not long ago! I’ll take mortal kombat though. Not big fan of the fighty games (being as I don’t have 3 or 4 hours a day to learn all moves n combos etc by heart) but will give it a whirl for that price!
    On a slightly surreal side note when you look at kombat spelt like that it looks rather odd ( even though I appreciate it’s not how it should be spelt). Makes me think of wombats. Someone should make mortal wombat, an Australian based fighting game with all the characters based on Australian mammals. I’d buy that for a dollar. Apologies for the digression. Most odd but thought I’d share.