You’d sacrifice yourself to get it over here wouldn’t you?

As posted at Gematsu and brought to my attention via PSVita Forum we now have a confirmed release date for this highly anticipated action-adventure role player and it will be out in Japan on March 7th 2013. That’s not all, those lacky Japanese folk will also be getting a bundle.

Contained within the bundle you will find the following:

A Soul Sacrifice-branded Cosmic Red PlayStation Vita Wi-Fi Model
A copy of Soul Sacrifice
4GB Memory Card
Cosmic Red Headphones
Original Pouch
Original Cloth
Original Strap
USB Cable
AC Adapter
Power Cord
AR Play Card
Printed Material

You can also see the back panel a little closer below.

What do you make of it? Should we see this bundle in our respective regions? Are you psyched for Sould Sacrifice? We still have no concrete release date outside of Japan and we hope to bring you this soon.

  • Lol, same release date as MH4.

  • ico

    Not psyched for it myself but really hope it gives the Vita the shot in the arm it needs over in Japan. However as Jasper pointed out it’s same release date as Monster Hunter. Surely they’d be mad not to bring it forward a few weeks if possible (though I appreciate it’s not quite as straightforward as that).