Can we bait you with a trailer?

Wired Productions got in touch with us today telling us about the newest trailer they had for the upcoming Let’s Fish: Hooked On coming our way very soon. This anime styled fishing simulation which is being coded by the legendary fishing game developers SIMS doesn’t yet have a set release date, but does now have a shiny new website up where you can see a bit of information about the game, the characters, images and also the aformentioned trailer, which is embedded below for your viewing pleasure.

What do you make of it? Personally I’m intruiged and after enjoying Everybody’s Golf, with it’s anime style and fun gameplay had me hooke and I’ll be interested to see if this can entice me to fish in the same way!

Stay tuned for more news on Let’s Fish, and give them a follow and a look if you are interested!

  • ico

    If it’s got an anime Bob Nudd count me in. Also I approve of the screen grab. Any game where I can enjoy some ‘rod action’ in a guilt free manner must be worth a punt on.

    Hope the soundtrack is good and there’s some good tun(a)s in plaice. Reely hope this is a brill-aint game and is enough to silence the vita hake-ers. It’s good to see a website carping on about lesser known games…. I’ll get me coat.

  • Glad you liked it. I did think that it had to be used! I could have put as much thought into it as you though, awesome puns. 😛

    • assassin2k

      Hi Paul, I cannot find your email address. I’d be interested in writing some articles for you if you want to have a chat.

      • Super stuff. Murphy @ without the spaces. 😉

        Or you can strike a PM conversation at