A bit of turn based tank action?

pQube got in touch with us about one of their upcoming projects, History Legends of War:Patton’s Campaign, which is a turn based strategy war game.

The game is set during the second World War and has you assuming the role of General George Patton shortly after the Normandy landings and subsequent assault to Berlin. We have a short developer diary below for you to enjoy.

The game is being developed by Slitherine Software and has you traversing through seven different operations and 35 missions in total and players are directly responsible for the actions of their units, which include tanks, infantry and aircraft, with every decision having a direct effect on the final outcome of war.

There are many different mission types including attack, infiltration, defense, escort and sabotage spread over 22 maps in total, with over 50 different units to command altogether.

The game is due in February, and we hope to bring you more news as soon as we can, and some Vita screens but we’ll have to make do with these other ones for now. What do you think?

  • I’m interested, I generally like WW2-inspired games. I hope this turns out well.

    Also, I received NFS. Got to get used to the controls a bit.

  • Capt T

    Looking forward to this one.