I am going to win this one. lol.

You should check this out, mate.

You can get a bog standard chess board for a couple of quid. You can also get one for silly amounts of money, with lots of nice shiny pieces and so on. Or you could get this, which is only a bit more expensive than a bog standard board. But it does have nice shiny pieces.

This set looks nice.

There’s no way that you can dress it up, you either like chess or you don’t. But either way you can’t help but notice what a great job Voofoo studios have done here with the visuals. It might only be a simple thing which is being portrayed, but it is simply stunning. Everything is rendered so well and looks simply wonderful. You could be forgiven for thinking it was all real.

If chess is your thing then this is something you should be looking into. Aside from the CPU matches that as you progress through higher difficulties will seriously challenge you whatever your skill level, you can also find a very well put together turotial which even taught me a couple of things that I never knew in terms of legal moves and strategy, and a challenge mode which will keep you occupied for quite some time.

I am going to win this one. lol.

You can also play against human opponents, and if there is a serious criticism to levy against the game, then it is in the way you play other people. You “play by mail”, using the invite function of the PS Vita messaging system to continually join your opponents game as it is never in real time. I can understand why to an extent, as real life chess matches could go on far longer than the Vitas battery could cope with, but not having the option to play in real time with a save and quit option is a little short-sighted. The playing by mail option does work well in itself, but matches will go on for some time. Whilst you are waiting for your friend to make their move you can view the state of play and at least it gives you enough time to make your mind up.

There is also a store built into the game from which you can buy additional chess piece sets in case the preset ones are not to your liking (for a small price) in different styles, and an extra soundtrack to go with the many musical classical tunes that already accompany and really suit the game.

There’s not really a lot else to say, other than it plays well, looks stunning and is pretty inexpensive. If you are interested at all in chess, or want to learn then do give it a go. Then add me so I have people to play with!

  • Game look pretty nice, problem is I’ve forgot how to play Chess.

  • Vince Harris

    I think this game is also a great thing for chess novices, like me. They have some really great in-depth tutorials, and I learnt moves that I never knew were possible before, as well as some strategy, which is always what I suck at in chess games. It also has a set of chess puzzles, where you have to achieve check mate in a set number of moves. This is great as a brain teaser, and also for honing your chess skills.

    As you said, this game also looks amazing.

    And… Well, I got super excited when I finally won my first game of chess against a computer, even if it was on the easiest difficulty. XD

    • I think this game barely moves beyond that, though. It barely teaches you about the many different openings possible, and other tactics.

  • The presentation of this game is pretty stunning, and the DLC packs are pretty spiffy. I echo the reviewer also and I understand why there is not a live online option for multiplayer, but it would have been nice to have it included. But for the price, this is a great little title.