Who is Sly?

Answer: ‘He is the guy that you never see.” A new Sly Cooper trailer has been uploaded by PlayStation on their official YouTube channel. The trailer details the character Sly, as perceived by other characters in the game, and acquaints the prospective player with the story and its personages. It also shows some gameplay, and different areas can be made out from the video.

Sly Cooper will be released on the 5th of February, 2012, in the USA. For a reason still unknown, the game will release almost two months later, on March the 22nd, in Europe. Gamers who own a Vita and a PS3 will be glad to know it will be a cross-buy title.

  • assassin2k

    I really wish they’d port the trilogy to vita. And the ratchet and clank and daxter trilogy. Or at least allow remote play. I really hope the new Sly game can rekindle the magic of the trilogy!

    • It seems pretty cool so far, I’m liking the art style and the voice acting.