Video games killed the Jet Set Radio Star?

The EU PS Blog are all over this PlayStation Plus stuff, with the news that next month we will be getting the recently released Jet Set Radio will be added to the instant game collection on January the 16th. We should have a review for it soon, Jasper is on the case but I would certainly hope it would be done before then!

We also have Pinball arcade joining on January the 23rd, in case your were a bit of a pinball whizz!

The games making way are Mortal Kombat on the 16th and Knytt Underground on the 23rd, both of which should be available this week, so make sure you grab them whilst you can!

We will also be getting some discounts, which will be communicated weekly, but we can expect Fusball 2012 and Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD to get some sort of deal. Remember that to keep playing these games you must keep your PlayStation Plus subscription active.

We unfortunately don’t have any news on the US side of things, as soon as we do we will let you know!

  • Jet Set Radio review will be up hopefully on Friday, I’m trying so hard to beat this darn challenge! I am also playing Persona 4 Golden so I can review that in time, as well, hopefully I can finish it in 3 weeks or so- that game is huge.

  • ico

    Very intrigued about knytt. Can’t wait to download that. If its good it could qualify as my Christmas at the inlaws diversion game. That or mgs3. Not decided yet. Or uncharted again. Bah there’s too many to get in all the time. Think my Xbox and ps3 think I’ve left them to rot. Also on an unrelated note has anyone played the room on ipad. That is a GREAT game and classic example of quality over quantity.