Good news for the fighter folks.

In a recent interview on (a website devoted to Capcom fighting games), Capcom UK’s Street Fighter Community Manager has suggested that the upcoming Street Fighter X Tekken update (version 2013) which allegedly balances the game more and was announced after series of complaints from gamers is coming to the PS Vita, too, and the same day as the console update:

“ReaLgoesWronG: “I’m guessing it’s not wrong to expect that v2013 will also be for Vita same day as consoles.”
-Dawgtanian: For cross play this is a must.”

Since the Vita version did not sell huge numbers, I’m glad to hear it is still being supported with an update, unlike EA’s Need for Speed: Most Wanted.

The video containing the major changes made to the game’s system:


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  • Looking forward to this, hopefully it will make a great game even better.