Check your stockings!

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe have just kicked off a giveaway on their official Facebook account. If you have a Facebook account and like theirs, you can gain access to PSN codes for the following PS Minis:

  • Velocity
  • Breakquest Bundle (you need to share their page on Facebook to get this freebie)
  • Canabalt (you need to tweet the giveaway to receive the code for this one)
  • Wizorb (you need  to register for updates, aka an e-mail subscription)

Merry Christmas!

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  • ico

    Freebies: Yay! Facebook: Boo! Count me out. Already got velocity and not fussed about others. Happy Christmas by the way!

  • diabloNL

    Thanks Sony for emailing me some nice free PSN codes. Not everyone has/wants a Facebook account. 🙁

  • Jarrodcv

    Thanks! Without this post, I would have missed these freebies.