Tecmo Koei and Team Ninja announce new features for the upcoming Vita fighter.

For those of you interested in Dead or Alive 5 plus, we have just found out (via Gematsu) a few new Vita features.

First up is Touch Play Mode, in which you can experience the fight with two new ways to fight with a Touchscreen. Holding your Vita in Potrait mode will enter a first-person view; this allows you to see a full body view of your opponent. from here you can then simply youch the area on the body which you wish to attack, r secondly you can flick, touch and pinch the screen to ensure a more technical and finese based aproach to fighting.

Next we have Training Plus Mode, where you can improve you skills and knowledge through the mastering of  challenges, each of those offers a “fun experience while imparting practical knowledge”.

Thirdly we have More Detailed Frame Data, which means three times as much details for every single move in realtime and many helpfull details like delay interval frames, move range and much more.

Finally we have Cross-Compatible, which of course means cross play. This allows players on the Vita and PS3 to play against each other, and you can also share costumes across both platforms.

Deas Or Alive 5 + will be released in early 2013 in both Japan and USA. We will bring you information on an EU launch as soon as we can.

What do you think? Any of this tickle your fancy?

Via gematsu

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  • teras

    Can’t wait for this.
    But why is the EU so neglected when it comes to game releases?

    • I think in general we get it far better than we ever have done, I recall in my youth many months between games getting an EU release compared to even the American one.

      I’m sure this will see the time of day our way.