Coming from Scottsdale, Arizona and being held from From February 25th until February 28th.

Sony are holding their 13th annual PlayStation event, “Destination PlayStation” in February this year. This event in the past has had a few first and third party announcements and with very little confirmed for this year (but with many unnanounced titles in development says Shuhei Yoshida) we can surely hope for a few Vita announcements, more akin to Gamescom last year rather than the paltry showing that we got at E3.

What are you hoping for? Do you think there will be any surprises?


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Yuuki is 21 and from Germany. Gaming since 1998 and starting with a SNES he progressed through all Nintendo systems as well as an Xbox 360 and Sony consoles, including his newest addition to his console history, the Vita. Favourite genres include jRPGs and Strategy games.
  • Mike Evans

    It’s only a few minutes from my house. I wish I could go.

  • ksnide13

    Looking forward to killzone this year on the vita! I looked at coming soon section but it seems to be out of date. 🙁