PlayStation Mobile is seeing much needed support, this time with SFB Games’ Haunt the House: Terrortown.

Hey everyone! SFB Games is comprised of two brothers, Adam and Tom Vian from London. We’ve been making games for many years (mostly for browsers, under the name “The Super Flash Bros.”) and this is our first opportunity to make a game that can be enjoyed on a real handheld console.

When we heard about PlayStation Mobile and thought about PS Vita as a platform, there was only one game we had in mind. The colourful graphics and simple controls of Haunt the House work perfectly in this context — it’s a really natural fit. The original Haunt the House was a browser game we made for Halloween back in 2010, and since then we’ve come a long way as designers.

The basic idea of Haunt the House: you float around as a ghost, possessing any objects you see and use them to perform spooky haunting actions to any humans who are nearby! The aim of the game is to scare every single human away from the town, but this game also has an extra objective…

I don’t know about you, but I think this game looks like a blast, and the art design looks fantastic on the Vita’s screen. The game is available right now on the Playstation Mobile store for $3.49/£2.79/€3.49.


Via US PS Blog

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