With cross play, everyone can hear you scream.

Back in the mid 1990s, Team 17 released the first Alien Breed game, a top down space styled shooter which clearly paid homage to the Alien film series on the Amiga and the CD32 and many other platforms since then, and Team 17 have just told us that in early February we can expect a new version for the PS3 and the Vita via PSN.

The game features:

  • Story Mode – choose from 30 levels including three new level packs: Convergence, Valiance and Synergy
  • Enhanced visuals or play using the original 16-bit graphics
  • Team up on either PS3™ or PlayStation®Vita via cross-platform play
  • Cross-Platform Continuation Play, carry on your PS3™ save game progress on your PlayStation®Vita, or vice versa!
  • Ad-Hoc and online co-op multiplayer for PlayStation®Vita
  • Local and online co-op multiplayer for PlayStation®3
  • Leaderboards and trophies

Cross play and cross save are welcome features and i especially like the option to play with older stylised visuals. We have chased up with Team 17 to find out more and to see which regions it will be released in, in the meanwhile do you have any experiences with any of the earlier games? Share them below!


  • teras

    I loved this game back in the day.
    I didn’t have an Amiga (it was rather expensive compared to my Amstrad 6128 :p) but a few years later I bought an Amiga CD 32 and played it there.

    It is essentially a top down view Alien game minus the trademark 🙂

    I hope that the new visuals will keep the original style of the game. I didn’t like the PS3/XBOX recent re-releases.

  • Hmm, this is a timely article….as I downloaded Alien Breed via PSN directly to my Vita a week ago…?

    All previews on sites are stating this is released in Feb, yet I’ve been able to enjoy the original and ‘retouched’ versions upon downloading it, and also noticed the 3 additional packs which will no doubt be illuminated come the official launch date.

    My initial thoughts were that a new version would roll out for Vita & PS3 in February, but given my pleasant surprise that the current, live version is already touchscreen enabled, with an enhanced mode ready to play and both Vita sticks usable, it’s interesting to note how the release date is February.

    That all being said, I’m loving the retro music, top down gameplay (now I know where Gun Bros on my IPhone came from) and old school mechanics.

    What I’d REALLY love to see is The Bitmap Brothers Collection on Vita. I have Speedball II already, but Xenon 2, Gods, Magic Pockets and The Chaos Engine would be incredible. I’d pay £20 easily for those 4 titles to download….

    • Is that directly onto Vita then or via PS3?

      Interesting. I’d love to see loads of older Amiga games, espcially something like the original Syndicate. Not what they gave us last year.

    • I think you’re referring to the PS Mobile version here, the version talked about in this article is a remake, I believe.

  • man, I thought they were bringing the xbl version not the old version. o well i was looking forward to this game.

  • I did also think that, Jasper, but why are there 3 additional packs, a touchscreen front end and control of both sticks for a purely PS Mobile version? These features plus the ‘enhanced’ mode suggest it’s already a new release – I certainly didn’t notice it a few weeks ago. Mind you, you could well be right and a newer version is on the cards.

    Paul, I downloaded it direct to Vita over wifi; I’m not a fan if downloading via a PC, and it’s more fun via a local coffee shop over a latte 🙂

    I’d also love to see more classics available to download to Vita; mind you, with PS Classics, mobile and Vita digital downloads, we’ve got a plethora of classics available, something the system is underrated for. If Sony asked me, I’d release a PS2 classics feature….!