The throwback 80s style multi series mash up finally gets to Europe.

Brian Provinciano from vBlank emailed us to let us know that after what has seemed an eternity, the game has now cleared certification and will be out on the 16th January in EU regions. The game has had new features added and Brian considers this the full version, with many tweaks and refinements too.

Have you been following news on it? If you don’t know already it is an 8-bit styled mash up of many different games and apprears to parody and pay homage at the same time to many different games and films through the last 30 odd years and has been in development for some time.

The game supports cross save with the PS3 and is also a cross buy title, although it must be noted that in Australia and New Zealand you will only be seeing the Vita release not the PS3.

We will hopefully be bringing more news on the launch and a review soon.